We brew beer for beer’s sake, born from the most diabolic furtive of minds: raw, volatile curses of nature perfected by thousands of years of brewing traditions.

These are coiled, predatory wild beers that hunt the jugular to leave you clawed, bleeding, and spitting cartilage aren’t afraid to give you a lightly fragranced neck massage as you plunge brainstem deep down ascend into the abyss rapture. Craft beer for those of us who take craft beer that little bit too seriously.


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Located in the scrubby fringes that straddle the Darling Ranges scarp and Swan Coastal Plain Swan Valley, the Brewpub is an artisanal miasma oasis nestled amongst the many junkyards, railroad sidings, wineries, farms and artist studios, and is home to our brewery, experimental barrel-aging shed facility, extensive tap room, restaurant, market garden and switchblade wielding posse gaggle of territorial friendly geese and ducks.





Friday 22nd Dec                                   11am – Late

Saturday 23rd Dec                                11am – Late

Sunday 24th Dec                                  11am – 4pm                                 ***Beer Garden will be closed xmas eve***

Monday 25th Dec                                CLOSED

Tuesday 26th Dec                               Normal Trading Hours                                          

***Beer Garden will be open every day between                                     Dec 26th – Jan 1st***