The nature of Feral is to cast domesticity aside and embrace the wild. To tear apart and destroy terrains and forge new environments for the benefit of the herd, and the continuation of our species. It is to be uncompromising, untamed, and downright unapologetic: a way of life born from raw, natural instincts and perfected by thousands of years of evolution. And to be free to wear short shorts on a Friday.

Welcome to Feral. We like our beers like we like our metaphors: heavy.

We brew beer for beer lovers. Beer done the old-fashioned way: berobed, chanting, in a dank basement, under the repressive gaze of a monastic religious doctrine beer for beers sake; serving a role, without fanfare, for the needs of the modern village.

These age old traditions steer our view of the world, and the terrain we wish to mark and protect, and we translate these philosophies into brewing proper, legacy beers.

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And let’s be clear. We aren’t a craft brewery, we’re a brewery; we don’t brew craft beer, we brew beer. We don’t care how others label it, we just want you to enjoy it because you want to. Because it tastes damn good.

We champion simple, honest and exceptional ingredients and artistry. Because this isn’t just about beer, it’s about something bigger: a movement. And at the primordial centre of the movement, real folk who toil, without fanfare, in the pursuit of perfection, because we love it.

So, kick off your boots, grab a cold beer and soak in that serenity – and join us on the edge. You’re in good company. We brew beer.

How it's made

Stuff goes in Milling & Mashing
Wort cooling
In the barrel
Beer comes out Beer!