Jose Gose

Alcoholic Content 5.4% ABV

Available -

OG 1045



Jose Gose

An old German beer style from Leipzig, Gose is an unfiltered wheat beer spiced with coriander and sea salt, producing a hazy yellow appearance with a refreshing crispness and twang.

Back some time in the 16th century, in small town Goslar, Gose was born. (Go-suh)
A slightly salty, tart and refreshing wheat beer.
Local brewer Hahnfurz Wurstresser was known around town for making the best gose in Germany, everyone knew of his brew and would come from far and wide to sample his wares. This was until the Kaddick brothers Jagger & Josef broke into their brewery, stole their recipe and emptied his barrels to the floor. They copied the beer back in their Leipzig brewery with the addition of coriander seed to give a slight difference to the brew. Gose Kaddick became king of the region with Wurstresser’s gose a distant memory. Time passed, money was made and life was good. Mr Wurstresser did not take this lightly, hearing of this newly famous brew he took the local law down for a visit, only to find Jagger in the brewery along with the Wurstressers original recipe sheet. Jagger, after a scuffle, was taken away and charged with stealing, break and enter, destruction of property, assault and in breach of the Reinheightsgebot (bravarian purity law of 1516) for his use of coriander. He was sentenced to death by hanging in the town square that day. “Any last words, thief?” asked the hangman. Jagger looked straight into the eyes of Hahnfurz Wurstressers and yelled “GOSE KADDICK”. The trap door opened, Jagger was no more.
Josef was never seen again, nor was the brewery earnings but rumours around town was that he fled to Belgium under the name of Jose..

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