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Alcoholic Content 6.5% ABV

Available -

OG 1056

1.006 FG

Brett IPA

Phunk’n Cat

Saccharomyces (beer yeast) is what we refer to as the “dog” of the brewhouse, it will do as we please and behave just as planned.

Brettanomyces (wild yeast) is the “cat” of the brewhouse, unpredictable, won’t follow orders and if given the chance, will take over the brewhouse in a second. Good thing we like cats… Phunkin Cat is all that we love about hops and funk. Barrel fermented and blended with young and old funk’n phresh (60% 6 month old & 40% 1 month old)and dry hopped with our favourite American and Australian hops. Funky, slightly tart with a punchbowl of fruit driven hop aromas. Meow.

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