Babooshka Decal
Barrel Aged Barley Wine


A collaboration between Mane Liquor, Whipper Snapper Distillery and Feral Brewing.

American IPA

I Am Froot

A bald American style IPA packed full of grapefruit and lime with an aggressive bitterness and slightly tart finish

ATD social

Across The Ditch

Across The Ditch is a Nectaron sing hop pale ale, right outta New Zealand. With a big fruit forward nose and with pineapple, passionfruit and stone fruit notes.

East Coast IPA, East Coast/ New England IPA

Nailraiser VJA

A beer ten years in the making, has finally arrived! Brew Corp is celebrating 10 years, which means 10 years…

IPL Decal 5

Days Of Dial Up

Towing the line between being crispy and dry, while having subtle hop notes, this IPL will have you flashing back to Days Of Dial Up



Possibly the first American Imperial IPA in Australia.


Birthday IIPA

What better way to celebrate our 18th Birthday than with a West Coast IIPA?

Oats and Hose_90x135+bleed
Oatcream IPA

Oats and Hose

This is going to sound weird, but for a second, I think you took on the shape of a unicorn. Oats And Hose is incredibly hazy with a smooth velvety mouthfeel. Coming in at 6.5%, this oat cream IPA has a clean bitterness, punchy tropical aroma, with a hint of vanilla. Oats And Hose is a complex and faithfully Feral beer.

BFH_taphead_PRINT NEW (003)
American Pale Ale


This lumBOAR Jack means serious business, chopping french oak barrels up to use the barrel chips in BFH!

Shooter’s Juicy IPA Can
East Coast/ New England IPA

Shooter’s Juicy IPA

Taking inspiration from Shooter McGavin's iconic "I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast" quote... we bring you Shooter's Juicy IPA!

Wheat On A Leash_v3.5
White Ale

Wheat On A Leash

Old world meets new, introducing our white NEIPA; Wheat On A Leash. Banana and clove aromas waft out thanks to…

Cherry Maguire_IG Feed
Pastry Sour

Cherry Maguire

Brewed exclusively for the 2023 GABS festival, Cherry Maguire is a pastry cherry sour, with 250kg of cherries poured into…

Boris 93 x 135
Russian Imperial Stout


Boris the Russian Imperial Stout from the cold depths of Mother Russia, cough cough, we mean boom town Perth Western Australia.

Feral strawberry and cream – Final
Lactose Sour

Strawberries And Cream Sour

Just like the lolly, this strawberries and cream sour is jam packed with real strawberries and lactose to deliver a lip puckering, delicious sour that's sure to bring back memories

Golden State Golden State

Golden State

We’re going back to where it all began with a beer that’s heaving with citrus, pine and passionfruit plus a hefty malt bill to complement. Dank, bold and bitter. It’s distinctly Feral. This beer is for everyone who has come on this journey with us.

bitchcraft decal
Summer Ale


A Citrus, Summer Ale blitzed with a whopping 10kg of lime zest and juice, pink grapefruits, a sprinkle of salt and a whole lotta sultry.

Barrel Fermented IBA

Barrique O’Karma

First Brewed in May 2013 for the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular in conjunction with Melbourne Good Beer Week.

Watermelon Warhead NEW Decal
Sour Berliner Weisse

Watermelon Warhead

A light sour German wheat beer brewed with an addition of half a ton of local Swan Valley watermelons.

hopfen fahrt_Decal
German IPA

Hopfen Fahrt

Recent times has seen the traditional hop growing regions of Germany endeavouring to breed flamboyant and expressive aroma and flavour hops to rival the varieties offered by the new world US, New Zealand and Australian growers.

Denzel Frothington Denzel Frothington

Denzel Frothington

A smooth and well balanced west coast IPA. Pouring a deep copper with notes of citrus and coconut. Denzel Frothington was crafted to deliver flavour as charismatic and iconic as the namesake. 

High Ball Decal


Inspired by the a trip to Japan and one too many Highball cocktails.

East Coast IPA

Dirty Biggie

Our notorious East Coast IPA returns with a new oaked spin off - Dirty Biggie.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Anniversary Ale


Introducing the limited edition, bourbon barrel aged, Feral Brewing anniversary ale.


White Hog

Our 10 year Anniversary Celebration beer.

Golden Boy Golden Boy
East Coast/ New England IPA

Golden Boy

These pretzels are making me thirsty!

Wild Ale

Funk’n Phresh

100% brettanomyces fermented wild ale.


Sky Rocket In Flight

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight, going have my Turkish Delight, Sky Rocket In Flight, whoooop, Turkish Delight.

Dr Ryan’s Snake Oil Dr Ryan’s Snake Oil
Amber Ale

Dr Ryan’s Snake Oil

Smoked for baconny goodness and subtle notes of flint

Bloodnut Decal_no bleed
Imperial Red IPA


Proud & Bold this full bodied, pigment-blotter of a beer is not afraid to reveal its bitter & fiery temper.

Mojito_Por_Instinto Tap Decal

Mojito Por Instinto

Blurring the lines between a cocktail and beer.


Thrilla From Vanilla

Thrilla From Vanilla is an incredibly hazy beer with a smooth velvety mouthfeel. Coming in at 6.5%, this hazy IPA has a clean bitterness, punchy tropical aroma, with big vanilla notes


Walrus Tears

So good it makes even walruses cry.

East Coast/ New England IPA

Imperial Biggie

We've taken everything you love about Biggie Juice and turned it up to 11!

Nectar Of The Old Gods Nectar Of The Old Gods
Oatcream IPA

Nectar Of The Old Gods

The time has come! Nectar Of The Old Gods Oatcream IPA has been unleashed. A velvety liquid will envelop you with every sip, unleashing tropical citrus and soft notes of vanilla. Explore the elixir that flows from realms beyond.  Art by D.E.B.T

Tropical Disco Can
Fruited Sour Ale

Tropical Disco Sour

Crammed full of mango, passionfruit and guava, this sour has light salty finish and have you moving with more groove than a disco ball on roller skates

Fruited Sour Ale

Chica Cherry Cola

Sweet maraschino cherry aromas are perfectly balanced by the cola spices, striking acidity and a touch of lactose. It’s bright red in appearance, highly carbonated and packed with flavour.

Imperial HH_frothtown decal_option_2
American Pale Ale

Imperial Hop Hog

A Pale Ale born out of passion and dedication. Imperial Hop Hog is a beast that explodes with bold and…

Sour Berliner Weisse

‘Appy Chappie

A most refreshing sour ale brewed in collaboration with our good mates at Mechanics Institute.

Bret Saison

Barn Farm

Our driest, funkiest and most complex farmhouse ale yet.

Hop Hogan Updated Decal
American Strong Ale

Hop Hogan

As strong as the man himself.



This smokey, brown lager may be a real jabrone but we reckon it's a smooth little brew.

Pale Ale


An American style pale ale infused with beans from Darkstar coffee.

mango ganguly
Mango Lassi IPA

Mango Ganguly

A standout character on the field.

New Zealand IPA

Loving Ewe

About as New Zealand as Russell Crowe, this Kiwi brew has risen to fame out of our Swan Valley brewpub.

Imperial Hop Hog Imperial Hop Hog
American Pale Ale

Imperial Hop Hog

Imperial Hop Hog is a breast that explodes with bold and intense citrus flavour with unflinching hop aromas that emanate…

Brut IPA

Dank Blanc

Ultra dry, ultra carbonated


Experimental XPA

Utilising cutting edge hop technology, our CRYO POP XPA packs a bigger punch of tropical fruit, delivering a full flavoured beer at a sessionable ABV.


Yellow Belt


Coconut IPA

Coconut Stuff

More tropical than that cool-dude-dad-bod American on his first cruise ship holiday.

Pink Boots Brewsters Decal

Brewsters IPL

Our latest collaboration with Pink Boots Society, a not for profit supporting and education women in beer!

Sawayaka Sour Tap Decal

Sawayaka Sour

Sawayaka - it means refreshing in Japanese!


Dark Matter

An endless sea of black, Dark Matter is both hypnotising and disorientating.

xpa 3 social

Experimental XPA #3

Our ode to the Galaxy hop, this single hop XPA has strong citrus flavours, coupled with passionfruit and peach notes.

Feral Pineapple
Fruited Sour Ale

Pineapple Sour

Pineapple Sour comes in at an incredibly balanced 4.2% ABV. With hints of tropical acidity that hide under sour tones…

American Pale Ale

Prickle Rick

An American style Pale Ale infused with the world's most irritable fruit- The Prickly Pear Cactus.

Finn Diesel_Decal

Finn Diesel

Inhale the intoxicating exhaust of pine, perfume and citrus as this rust bucket of a beer shudders and backfires sweet, heady fumes deep into the atmosphere.

American Pale Ale

Malt Fiction

Our exclusive collab with The Queens Hotel- inspired by the iconic $5 shakes in Pulp Fiction.

We also brew