It is a place of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dualities: a habitat for wild, organ-pickling experimentation, and family-friendly, rosy-cheeked comforts.

A habitat that encourages you to not kick off your boots at the door, but to wipe and tread the prehistoric soils right through our taproom floorboards and into the clean toilet floors.

It’s home to our experimental brewery, barrel aging super structure shed, tap room, restaurant, market garden and heavy chain-wielding, bo-chuck flailing mob gaggle of unhinged sweet-tempered geese and ducks. It is a place to be seen, and to last be seen (depending on whether or not you “met” the geese).

The space is a comfortable blend of unpretentious, earthly woods and minimal furnishings, endless foliage, and dappled light and warmth. A welcoming environment with views across the vineyards, it is an ideal stronghold to see out the apocalyptic fires of our impending Nuclear winter which is as equally hospitable on cold winter days as it is during a balmy summer evening.

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The restaurant serves modern Australian cuisine that celebrates seasonality and local produce, as well as damn fine hearty food.

With a focus on sustainable eating, we endeavour to provide a culinary experience that is not just delicious, but an honest reflection of our Valley’s rich market soils.

We host seasonal culinary events throughout the year, including paired degustations, beer tours, functions, weddings, and the occasional wake (see: geese).

Sunday to Thursday - 11am to 5pm
Friday & Saturday - 11am to late

*Public Holidays - 11am to 5pm

Beer Garden

The brewery is our cramped and cosy adequately sized playground for the most villainous chivalrous of brewing minds (see: Will Irving, Head Brewer. Look closely into that moustache and convince us evil does not reside in there nice guy).

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  • Karma Citra
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Breathe in the serenity… Are your olfactory receptors deeply stimulated gorging on sumptuous burgers and diabolical freshly brewed beer? Welcome to the pleasure dome Beer Garden. A place of isolated tranquillity, and the perfect stronghold grassed area to shelter from the impending Apocalypse busy restaurant crowds.

The gumtrees’ creeping, spindly fingers branches filter the blinding inviting Western Australian sun, and bathe the grass with dappled light and warmth. It is the perfect space to curl up on a rug, drape luxuriously across a cluttered picnic table, or play a casual round of Russian Roulette corn toss as you count down wile away those final pleasant balmy days.

Ideal for ravenous hordes polite and respectful groups and walk-ins.

Please note: only half the Beer Garden is available for reservations.

What’s on tap This week?

The tap room is an extension of our brewery, and constantly showcases an ever-evolving 16 tap rotation of beers. The largest range of Feral beers anywhere on tap in Australia, it is a place to induce cold sweats, and trial beers (and tasting paddles) so mind-petrifyingly fresh that no regulatory body has yet to officially approve are truly special and limited in release.


Marinated olives 6
Bread serve, evoo, dukkha 3
Chicken liver pate, baguette 10
Mushroom terrine 14
Chorizo, lemon 14
Chargrilled octopus 15
Sardines, asparagus & migas 16
Hand-made burrata 18
Beef carpaccio 20
Cheese plate 17 / 26 / 32
Salumi board 18 / 27 / 34
Ploughman’s board 50

Char-grilled lamb shoulder, tabouli, hummus, cucumber, yoghurt, flatbread 28
Trussed pork belly, caramelised peach, sage, jus 38
BBQ Salmon (med-rare), sumac, mint, pearl barley, tomato, labne, lemon 32
Beef schnitzel, potato purée, dijon, lemon, jus 36
Lamb rump, broad bean, fetta, mint, pomegranate, jus 38
Free-range whole chook, salsa verde, lemon 42
Hand-made spaghetti, crab, prawn, tomato, chilli, caper, dill, lemon 29
Chicken-fat potatoes, tomato sugo, rosemary 14
Iceberg, dijon, pork loin, caperberry, croutons, anchovies, egg 17
Smoked chicken, freekeh, radish, cucumber, watercress 22
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, shallots, buckwheat 15
Eggplant, tomato, feta, mint, parsley, pomegranate molasses 18
Pumpkin, cous cous, goats curd, spinach, smoked almonds 18

Beer nut 5
Pork crackle 5
Hand cut chips, paprika, aiol 9
Fried beer chees 9
Fried chicken w hot sauce 12

(kids meals come with activity pack)

Fish & chips 13
Chicken & chips 13
Spaghetti bolognese 13
Kids Meal Deal (Inc. meal + soft drink + ice cream) 16

Chocolate tart, salted caramel, dark chocolate 15
Rice pudding, coconut, peach, burnt toffee 13

Beer nuts 5

Marinated olives 6

Seasoned root vegie crisps 5

Hand cut chips, aioli 9

Crispy Fried Chicken, hot sauce 12

BBQ pulled pork & slaw baguette 16

Char-grilled flatbread, pickled eggplant, roasted peppers, black olives, salami, mozzarella 18

Smoked beef on house sourdough, sauerkraut, pickles, rocket, mustard 20

Taster (120ml) –  $3 to $3.5

Regular (330ml) – $8 to $10

Pint (570ml) – $11

Our brewpub houses 16 taps, constantly rotating through a huge range of Feral favourites.
Scroll up to see what’s on tap this week.

Inc 6 tasters

Brendan’s Tray $18
Features our most familiar and award winning beers. These beers are the reason our brewery exists. If you’re new to us, start here.

Will’s Tray $20
Features an eclectic range of beers that are brewed in small batches and are rarely tasted outside of the Swan valley.


Gls Btl
Feral Brewing Co. Sparkling Brut NV Margaret River, WA 9 30


Gls Btl
Feral Brewing Co. S.S.B ‘15 Margaret River, WA 9 30
Feral Brewing Co. Chenin Blanc ‘15 Margaret River, WA 9 30
Feral Brewing Co. Late Picked Verdelho ‘15 Margaret River, WA 9 30
Feral Brewing Co. Chardonnay ‘15 Great Southern, WA 9 30


Gls Btl
Feral Brewing Co. Rosé ‘15 Denmark, WA 9 30
Feral Brewing Co. Cabernet Merlot ‘15 Margaret River, WA 9 30
Feral Brewing Co. Shiraz ‘15 Margaret River, WA 9 30

**Due to licencing restrictions, these wines are only available when dining in the Restaurant.

  Kids $2.5 Regular $4.5  Jug $13
Lemonade, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Solo, Sunkist, Red Creaming Soda,
Lime & Soda, Lemon Lime and Bitters

Juice – Apple or orange 6
Real Ice Tea Co. 500ml – Green or Peach 6.5
Coolridge Spring Water – 300ml 3
Coolridge Spring Water – 1.5L 6

Schweppes Sparkling Water – 300ml 4
Sparkling Water – 750ml 7.5

Black 4
White 4.5
Extra shot / Soy / Takeaway .50

Hot Chocolate 4.5
Iced Coffee/ Chocolate 8.5

Loose Leaf Teapot – English Breakfast, Green & chamomile 4

Squealer Bottle (1 Litre) $5
Growler Bottle (2 Litres) $10
Squealer Fill

(beer only – excl. bottle)

Growler Fill

(beer only – excl. bottle)

Feral White 15 25
Sly Fox 15 25
Perth Local 15 25
Hop Hog 15 25
Karma Citra 15 25
Smoked Porter 15 25
The Runt 15 25
BFH 15 25
Nice Guy Dud Root 15 25
Hop Hogan 15 25
Rust 15 25
War Hog 18 30
Boris 18 30
Fantapants 18 30
Funk’n Phresh 18 30
Razorback 18 30


Packaged Range Single Split-pack Carton (16)
Sly Fox – bottle 4.5 16 50
–         cans 5 22 (6 pack) 69 (24 cans)
Perth Local – bottle 4.5 20 (6 pack) 62 (24 btl)
–         cans 5 22 (6 pack) 69 (24 cans)
Feral White 4.5 20 (6 pack) 63 (24 btl)
Hop Hog 5 18 55
War Hog (cans) 7 23 105 (24 cans)
Karma Citra 5 18 55
Smoked Porter 4.5 16 50
Boris 8.5 25 79
Ace of Base (*limited release) 8.5 25 79